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Sunny Thoughts - Say Yes to Everything

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

We have made it. London to LA. Sunny Southern California, where you can watch that gorgeous sun slip into the ocean every single evening. With all of my conflicting emotions up until this point, I’ll admit that it doesn’t suck.

I will be posting some 'Sunny Thoughts', as the bright blue California sky has been a perfect backdrop to reflect on this journey and make this transition into something manageable and therapeutic. What can I say, it has been a big move. !!

My first thought - I am tired! Absolutely and completely wiped out. The physical move itself unsurprisingly has contributed to that, but I used up every bit of remaining energy having so much fun, right up until I got on the plane. I am still quite sad (more on that in my next blog), but I have a refreshed perspective on how to live. During the 'countdown', I completely crashed into bed each night from full days of really living.

My family and I said yes to everything.

With limited days left in our beloved city with our beloved friends, we were determined to make the most of it. We figured there was plenty of time for rest later.

In our youth we naturally say yes to everything, or at least we certainly should. Youth and its energy, flawless skin no matter how little we slept, and ability to bounce back like a rubber ball can lend itself to leading a pretty full, fabulous existence. Saying yes to everything opens up doors, allows us to meet new people, and helps us kickstart our future.

When we get older, though, we say no to everything. Our lives are more established and settled, we don't exactly bounce back in a flash, and as a result we become experts at coming up with excuses to say no. But why?! Our skin might show our fatigue, but we're not dead yet!

We rarely regret the things we did, but we frequently regret the things we didn’t do. Once you decide who and what matters to you, say YES. You don’t have to uproot your entire life in an international move to seize the day.

I sang at a Blues Jam for the first time in 15 years, my husband went to the all-day school sports event on a work day, my daughter dropped everything to spontaneously go glamping for a few days with a friend, my son agreed to go to some museums, as a family we went to 3 concerts in 2 weeks, we saw friends in every spare moment (because they said yes to everything along with us!)...and the list goes on. It was exhausting. And exceptional.

We knew we were going to move, so we made the most of our days left in London, but the morbid reality is that in life all of our days are limited. Go out there and immerse yourself into the present – experience, connect, love, and live.

Say yes to everything. Or almost everything.


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