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7 Reasons Why

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Until you try one, you won’t know how different my YouTube yoga sessions are from a whole lot of yoga out there. Not all yoga is created equally! I believe I have found the right mixture to give you an all-around workout, leaving you feel absolutely fantastic, both physically and mentally. Otherwise why would I bother in what seems like a saturated area?!

Here are my lucky 7 reasons for you to join me:

1) You will get stronger. No gentle yoga here!

Make no mistake, my yoga sessions are challenging!! They are their own workouts, not just to help warm up or wind down after another workout. You might think the session will be gentle to ‘stretch you out’ or ‘make you more flexible’, which it will do, but you will quickly realize that it is much more than that. It is hard. And it stays hard. And you will get stronger, just by doing yoga!

2) You will become more flexible. Flexibility = Mobility!

Most people associate yoga with flexibility. Yawn, snooze, blah blah blah - flexibility is such a typical boring answer about the benefits of yoga. It’s people’s ‘go to’ response, but do we think about what that ultimately means for us? Why do we even want to become flexible? Flexibility becomes much more exciting when we think about the mobility it can help us achieve. Most of us don’t need a bendy body so that we can get ourselves into the shape of a pretzel or join Cirque du Soleil. BUT we are stuck at a desk all day, we age, we have less time for exercise, etc, and before we know it our bodies just don’t move like they used to. Every physical activity starts to feel harder when we don’t have great mobility. Rolling around the floor with your young kids might get a bit easier if you try some effective yoga.

3) You will relieve back tension. Less need for a massage!

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love getting massages, but stretching, twisting, and inverting gives greater lasting back relief than any massage. That horrible tension in our backs arises from stress, sitting at a desk, careless movement, and basically just living life each day, so we need to have a practice that offsets the tension.

4) The practice will put you in the present. Mindfulness!

The proactive breathing we do in yoga helps put us into a more meditative state, but you might be surprised to know that holding the strengthening poses can as well. The poses we do can be quite intense, and when we hold them for slightly longer periods of time, distracted by the fun music, we are forced to focus right into the present moment on what we are doing. If our mind wanders, we fall over. Simple as that. Yoga can give you a mindful experience without even thinking about it, and you will end the session feeling pretty spectacular.

5) Fun music. Yoga can make you feel like you are dancing!

The reasons keep coming, and this one is sometimes as important as the rest. Music!! Loud and even energetic. Practicing yoga should make you feel happy!

6) The sessions flow, immersing you into an experience.

From the moment you step on your mat, what a fabulous feeling it is to take a deep breath in and out, and then let yourself get transported to another place through a flowing, music-filled session. Instead of simply doing some poses it becomes a full experience of movement that makes you feel amazing.

7) I practice yoga that I love, so I want to share it.

Not all yoga is created equally! I created my YouTube channel because 1) I love the specific kind of yoga that I practice, and 2) I want to share this wondrous experience with others.

Subscribe and join me on the journey!


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