Hello - I'm Stephanie.

Stephanie and Yoga is an authentic experience with yoga at the heart of it. I'm a yogi, but I'm also a mother, wife, friend, entrepreneur, and many other random titles. In no particular order. I am sure you can relate.


I've been practicing yoga for around 25 years, enough to know that it really works when you have the right experience. Yoga can make you incredibly strong and feel great! There is a misconception that yoga is always gentle, used to just wind down, calm your mind, and/or become more flexible. Sure, these are fantastic results you can achieve from yoga, but yoga can also be your main exercise, not just a supplement.


We are all navigating our way through our own journeys, and I am here to help us share in this journey together. We need each other, sometimes just to remind us that we are not alone. This journey isn't just about yoga, but also about life.

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel to access FREE, challenging, music-filled classes that you can do anywhere and anytime. I add new classes regularly. If you keep practicing, I know that you will experience real physical and mental results. Make sure that however you practice, try to experience the joy. Otherwise what is the point?

Stephanie Dawson yoga
Stephanie Dawson yoga
Stephanie Dawson yoga

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